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Submitted on
May 12, 2012


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Design Contest Time!

Journal Entry: Sat May 12, 2012, 6:48 AM
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Zatch Bell Stamp by gash2plzTio Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionGashu Bell by gash2plzKNGB luver stamp 8D by aki-Hayashibara
No Beggin' for Points by Drache-LehreStamp: Do not beg for points by Silver-MoonNightDon't Ask Me - Stamp by purapussdon't ask points stamp by Mythical-Human
Knii Stamp by StaarbitRellyk Stamp by StaarbitSky Stamp by Staarbit:thumb279621159:
:thumb155442512::thumb245156580:.: Online girlfriend stamp :. by AluriGirlfriend Stamp by SparkLum
DA Stamp - I Roleplay 03 by tppgraphicsOriginal Character Personality by Stamp221Character design stamp by SA948-Stamps
Spike Stamp by jewlechoApplejack Stamp by jewlechoSimba Stamp by StampAGStitch Love Stamp by smileystamps
Insomnia? by Chocolatier-MihaelAutism Stamp by NaruButtEpileptic Artist Stamp by DrJEMnutcaseCancer Awareness Stamp by neesa
Stop Whining Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionPre-Blocking by World-Hero21I Love OCs- Stamp by FakeWings18

7/20 Update: It's the 20th, and that means today is the last day of the contest!  Since we've gotten a couple "late entries" me and Delquea have decided we will allow sketch-based entries at this time.  But of course if these designs we wanted to use, we would be adding our own colors ;3  We will take these entries up until 12pm noon tomorrow (the 21st!)  And judging will begin at 7:30PM.  I will be making a separate journal announcing the winners when we decide them!

7/10 Update: We will be extending the contest until July 20th, after that it will be over for good!

7/7 Update: The contest deadline is in 5 days!  If anyone would like an extension so they can get their entry in please let me know ASAP!  Also because some people keep drawing the same kids, we are not accepting anymore entries for Biyu, Bi Xie, and Venus.

6/17 Update: I will be gone from June 19th to July 4th!  So if you finish your entry during this time PLEASE SEND IT TO :icondelqueaboss: !!!  Because remember, she is also judging this contest since these are our characters.  Good news is we now have 10 entries, but we would love to see more designs!  Especially for the kids who have not been attempted yet (Milo, Kotaru, Wade, and Dallas).

6/09 Update: The early bird bonus is ending today guys!  After this the only bonuses you can get are for advertising the contest and donating a prize.  I want to throw out the suggestion that if there is a kid who hasn't been "attempted yet" you should think about drawing one of them before drawing a kid that has been attempted (like Biyu, Bi Xie, and Venus since they seem to be the most popular choice so far :XD: )  This is just something I would like you guys to think about please ^^;

6/06 Update: We got our 4th entry! :heart:  The end of the "Early Bird Bonus" is drawing near, and it will not be extended again!  So if you want it you need to get your entries in within the next 3 days!

Theme: Make a design for one of Sasha's 26 children who doesn't have a design yet.  Since Sasha and her family are based off of hillbillies there is a lot of variety in her childrens' appearances.  You can design whichever child you want, each one has an information form with specifics so be sure to use them to your advantage!  Whatever design specifics are left out from each child is up to your creative freedom.

This is Sasha: Sasha -gift from Freaksofmanga by DelqueaBoss

And These are Sasha's Children Thus Far: Jenny Jennifer "Jenny" Bernard by DelqueaBoss , Countess Countess Bernard by DelqueaBoss , Cotton -NOTMINE- Cotton Bernard by Nemo-TV-Champion , Coyt Coyt Bernard by DelqueaBoss , Marie Happy Marie :D by DelqueaBoss , Ryan Ryan Samuel Bernard by DelqueaBoss , Hunter Hunter Bernard Ref Sheet by Nemo-TV-Champion , Baadal & Dexenia Baadal and Dexenia Ref by Nemo-TV-Champion , Lilac Lilac Stuart by DelqueaBoss , Payje Payje Monroe Ref by Nemo-TV-Champion , Galen Galen Burke Jr. Ref by Nemo-TV-Champion , Abilene Abilene Vjei Ref by Nemo-TV-Champion , and Krissy…

Judges: This contest will be judged by me and :icondelqueaboss: Entries will not be solely judged on art quality alone.  Entries will be judged based on how well we feel your entry represents our character(s) visually.  

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If your entry is chosen as a winner or simply chosen to become an official Sasha kid design.  Then the design you made will become our property.  Credit to the design will be given on the child's future ref sheet/image that either Oni or I make.  Just like if we were doing a design trade or a point adoption.

DEADLINE: July 12th extended to July 20th!

Kids to Design

Gender: Female
Age: 12 (twin to Milo)
Nationality: American
Personality: Quite bratty and wants things her way.  However if you catch her in a good mood she's easy to talk to.
Design Musts:
*Her hairstyle (and color) takes after her aunt, the person she idolizes since her father is Alcee's younger brother.
*She has pigtails.

Gender: Male
Age: 12 (twin to Venus)
Nationality: American
Personality: Very headstrong and prefers to do things his own way, he is the younger twin.
Design Musts:
*Has shoulder length spiky hair, it is also blue like his sister's however he dyed it blue to fit in with her.

Gender: Male
Age: 10 (twin to Kotaru)
Nationality: Japanese
Personality: Level headed and well mannered.
Design Musts:
*Combed black hair with lime-colored eyes.
*Dresses very neatly.
*It is optional to draw him with or without glasses, but he only uses them for reading.

Gender: Male
Age: 10 (twin to Kintaro)
Nationality: Japanese
Personality: Is very hyperactive and obnoxious.
Design Musts:
*Has messy black hair and lime-colored eyes.
*Wears dark blue overalls with only boxers underneath and a baseball cap.
*He has an overbite and his eyebrows are thin and slightly slanted.

Wade 6 Kid Designs by Nemo-TV-Champion ( #5)  
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Nationality: African American
Personality: Wade is very boisterous and enjoys doing Parkhour.
Design Musts:
*Keep his "Danny Fenton" hairstyle like in the original concept sketch.
*His hair color is black and his eyes are yellow.
*His Skin must be dark.

Gender: Female
Age: 9 (twin to Bi Xie)
Nationality: Chinese
Personality: A complete bookworm.  She is also one of the more quiet and well-spoken children.
Design Musts:
*She dresses in traditional Chinese attire.
*Keeps her hair styled in a braided ponytail.  Her hair is mostly black except for a few pink streaks.

Bi Xie
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (twin to Biyu)
Nationality: Chinese
Personality: Bi Xie is the "in your face" type of character.  Always trying to pick the right moments to mock someone she proved to be better then.  Has jealousy issues, especially with her older sisters Marie (whose going through puberty) and Cotton (getting lots of attention from guys).
Design Musts:
*Unlike Biyu, Bi Xie dresses in more American-style clothing.
*Hair is black except for a few pink streaks, but is very unkempt.

Eddy (Edward) 6 Kid Designs by Nemo-TV-Champion ( #2)
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Nationality: Italian
Personality: Eddy is shy, but is also envious of his other siblings since they all have so many talents.  But he is ignorant to the fact that his heightened senses can pretty much predict movement.
Design Musts:
*Keep the hoodie in the sketch, it's green.
*His hair is brown and long, often with people mistaking him for a girl.

Dallas Dallas Face Marks by Nemo-TV-Champion
Gender: Male
Age: 4 (twin to Abilene)
Nationality: Unknown
Personality: He has a fondness for anything the color orange.  He is a little more open than his twin but is still highly dependent on Sasha.
Design Musts:
*Has black hair and the same eye colors as his twin Abilene… .
*He has marks on his face are the ones in the thumbnail next to his name.
*His ears are pointed just like his sister's.

*Must be your own original artwork.
*You cannot use bases or trace images.
*Please follow the guides for each child when designing them.
*Entries must at least be flat colored.  It can be either traditional or digital.
*No literature, animation, or comic page entries.  We want everyone on an even playing field.
*You can make as many entries as you want.
*Just because your entry doesn't place, does not mean your design doesn't have a chance of being used!  If this happens me or Oni will ask you if we may use the design.
*The contest must have at least 3 entries or else it will not be judged.  

:star: Anyone willing to donate a prize or advertise the contest will get bonus points!  What these bonuses do will help increase your chances of winning.  But don't solely rely on bonuses in this contest, they're merely "boosters."  The bullet will be added next to your username. :star:

:bulletred: Advertising Bonus - Advertise this contest via journal, poll, or article.  Be sure to link us to your advertisement in a comment!  If you delete it before the contest is over then you will not get this bonus.
:bulletorange: Prize Donation Bonus - Offer to donate a prize for the contest!  You can donate to 1, 2, or all of the places.  Prizes you can donate are pictures, points, subs, and features.  If you would like to donate something else please ask me so I can okay it.
:bulletyellow: Early Bird Bonus - If you complete an entry within the first few weeks of this contest you will receive this bonus!  This bonus is only available up until June 9th. This bonus is no longer available.


1st Place:
*1 animated stamp of anything you'd like from Nemo-TV-Champion
*Up to 2 Chars fully colored with BG from Nemo-TV-Champion
*1 custom chibi drawing from sparklebox
*1 free commission w/simple BG in any medium from FruitTartz
*100 :points: from DelqueaBoss
*20 :points: from Aesonis
*llama from Aryiatia

2nd Place:
*1 animated stamp of anything you'd like from Nemo-TV-Champion
*1 Char fully colored with BG from Nemo-TV-Champion
*75 :points: from DelqueaBoss
*20 :points: from Aesonis
*llama from Aryiatia

3rd Place:
*1 static stamp of anything you'd like from Nemo-TV-Champion
*1 Char line-art with transparent BG from Nemo-TV-Champion
*50 :points: from DelqueaBoss
*20 :points: from Aesonis
*llama from Aryiatia

:bulletgreen: Depending on the amount of entries (if we reach a certain undisclosed number) more prizes may be added from me ;)
Awesomesauce Prize Donors: :iconsparklebox: :iconaesonis: :iconaryiatia:
Awesomesauce Advertisers: :iconkrazykia: :iconbubblegumbloo: :iconveruveto-chan: :icongaztv-inc:


1 :icondarkicemistress::bulletyellow: Contest Design - Venus by DarkiceMistress designed Venus
2 :iconmilothaman: contest - Kotaru by Milothaman designed Kotaru
3 :iconfreaky--panda::bulletred: Design contest entry Wade by Freaky--Panda Design contest entry Dallas by Freaky--Panda designed Wade and Dallas
4 :iconzoulreaperx::bulletyellow: :thumb307078480: designed Biyu and Bi Xie
5 :iconerohd: Venus by erohd designed Venus
6 :iconlil-mini-artist::bulletred::bulletyellow: Biyu contest design by lil-mini-artist designed Biyu
7 :iconnecroneco::bulletred: Design Contest Entry: Kintaro by NecroNeco Kintaro and Kotaru Design by NecroNeco designed Kintaro (2) and Kotaru
8 :iconochako: bi xie by ochako designed Bi Xie
9 :iconkurenaide: Contest : Nemo-TV-Champion : Venus by Kurenaide designed Venus
10 :iconsingingtheblues::bulletyellow: Edward by SingingtheBlues designed Eddy
11 :icon0rfeo::bulletred::bulletyellow: :thumb306737458: designed Bi Xie
12 :iconkromogami18: Kintaro by kromogami18 Kotaru by kromogami18 KintaroxKotaru by kromogami18 same old same old by kromogami18 designed Kintaro and Kotaru
13 :iconzwaffle::bulletyellow: Biyu: Design Contest Entry by zWaffle designed Biyu
14 :icondarkclawz01: Milo by DarkClawz01 Another Venus by DarkClawz01 designed Milo and Venus
15 :iconmaplelatte: CONTEST ENTRY(FINISHED) by Maplelatte designed Milo
16 :iconkairiaka: Wade Contest Entry by Kairiaka Milo Contest Entry by Kairiaka Kintaro and Dallas Uncolored by Kairiaka designed Wade, Milo, Dallas, and Kintaro

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Kairiaka Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Part 1 of 2 of my entries :[link] [link]
Nemo-TV-Champion Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Student General Artist
^^ today is the last day we're accepting them so you did it just in time! :3
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kintaro: [link]
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i wanna join!!!!!!
Nemo-TV-Champion Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
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if you have questions please let me know :3
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i'm not sure if i have time
Nemo-TV-Champion Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Student General Artist
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